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SOLMEG is an electrical engineering design firm. We are committed to providing high quality design along with an outstanding customer service.

We can help you on new or already existing electronic products by working with your team to provide electronic design, system integration, relief work, review, cost reduction and many other services.

SOLMEG has design experience in a wide range of technologies with strengths in:

Working with us will allow you to:

In addition to getting "the right man for the job" and cut costs you will get new blood that bring new ideas and renewed motivation in your design team.

So do not loose any more time and contact us!

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Marc Boudreault P.Eng., DTM
Phone 418 478-1544
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SMS 418 478-1544
E-mail: marc@solmeg.com

SOLMEG Tech. inc.
93, boul. Bastien, bur. 703
Wendake (Quebec) G0A 4V0